Winter tyre reviews

Welcome to winter tyre reviews, a unique and all encompassing review solution for the discerning motorist. This site is run by winter tyre specialists who have many years of winter tyre experience. Not only do we use them we also sell them, this means that we gather large amounts of fantastic customer feedback.

This site has been launched in order to gather all this valuable feedback so that drivers considering winter tyres can make an informed choice. In addition to your valuable reviews and feedback we will be sharing our thoughts on each product.

But what’s wrong with all the other review solutions out there?

Tyre tests – they offer some really useful info, but you need to take a balanced view of many tests as results can vary wildly, they exclude info on longevity and many believe are biased and fixed. (We’re not claiming this is the case of course!)
Tyre labeling data – joke! Not focused on cold weather driving conditions in any way.
Other review sites – don’t have the expert input that we can offer.

In addition to the reviews we also offer a bunch of useful winter driving info, European winter driving laws, info on wheel packages and lots more. So please enjoy and ensure you leave us a review on any product that you have driven on.

Many thanks, the winter tyre reviews team.

All you'll ever need to know about winter tyres