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Hello and welcome to Winter Tyre Reviews.

We will be reviewing all the latest tyre releases and updating existing posts with developments and user reviews.

We are big fans of winter tyres and have many years’ experience of using and selling these safety critical products. Over the winter months we spend a great deal of time talking to customers about the merits of particular winter tyres. Our opinions and reviews are based on a number of factors; personal experience, customer feedback and a balanced view of the many tyre tests that are carried out in the UK and across Europe. We have selling experience both nationally through our websites and also locally at our retail site, Tyremen in Yorkshire.

This local retail experience gives us a great insight into the longevity of the tyres that we supply, a vital piece of information that is lacking from test reports and many other review solutions. Also because of the nature of winter tyre users (in that once they have driven on them always come back for more, or additional sets for family members) we get great feedback on all aspects of the tyres performance.

Prior to the launch of this site we struggled to know where to direct customers that wanted to read further about the tyres that we were recommending. We could send them to a tyre test report but the results can be rather varied, inconsistent and dare I saw, fixed? Other tyre review offerings contain some useful user feedback, but lack some of the finer points that are delivered here.

Winter tyre reviews offers the ideal solution for drivers considering which winter tyres to use, a view from the experts plus some good honest feedback from customers that have used them in a range of conditions. We trust you find this useful and once you’ve become a winter tyre expert too please leave a review for all to see.

Drive safe

The Winter Tyre Reviews Team


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