Audi Q3, Winter Wheels and Tyres Review


In our last blog covering the Audi ‘Q’ range, we are going to look at the  Audi Q3, the smallest of the range, but by no means any less impressive.

The Audi Q3 comes with four tyre sizes as standard with wheel sizes 17″, 18″ and 19″ and has 4 wheel drive capability and is an outstanding small family SUV. The Audi Q3 has achieved a 5* NCAP rating for safety, so why not compliment this in the winter season with the correct equipment?

As we approach the winter season, you will be wondering why we are discussing winter wheels and tyres for a 4WD vehicle? Surely its purpose is to perform in just these conditions?

Well, you are correct to a point. As with most things in life, we sometimes have to make small adjustments to gain the best performance from any product, and winter tyres are just this example.

As with previous blog’s in the Audi ‘Q’ range; your Audi Q3 comes with summer tyres as standard, these perform as they should in the warmer conditions but struggle below 7 degrees. The rubber compound make up of a summer tyre does not have the flexibility in colder weather, snow, slush and ice, giving less grip and reduced handling and stopping distances.

Do you take your Audi Q3 away for that winter trip into Europe? This often requires you to have at least winter tyres fitted and is a requirement by law in certain regions.

As the Audi Q3 is the baby of the range, it already comes with wide wheels and tyres that fit the vehicle perfectly. However, as we have discussed in previous blogs, the narrower the tyre the better. Why? Well, the larger the tyre print on the road surface during winter conditions, the more difficult it is to gain and maintain traction, handling and stopping distances. Having a narrower tyre print increases all of these qualities that you expect from an Audi vehicle.

Ok, so what are we recommending? As we discussed, the narrower the tyre the better, however, when we get down to tyres on the Audi Q3, they are already a respectable size. Audi fit wide wheels as standard so that they do the job they are supposed to for 7 – 8 months of the year.

With our official partner, Tyremen, we have found the best solutions for your Audi Q3. There are three options open to you for the winter season.

If your Audi Q3 came with 17″ wheels, we advise dropping down a size to the 16″ option fitted with 215/65R16 tyres, there are several makes available from economy to premium. We would always advise fitting the best tyre possible.

Did your Audi Q3 come with either the 18″ or 19″ wheels? Then you too can drop down to the 17″ option fitted with 235/55R17 tyres, our partner Tyremen, stock winter tyres in this size in the mid to premium range. The best tyre for this size, giving outstanding winter performance, grip, handling and mileage is the Vredestein Wintrac 4 Xtreme. All tyres come in various speed ratings which cover all UK and European limits.

The wheels supplied by Tyremen are from the German company, Alutec, and perfectly compliment the look of the Audi Q3. The Grip wheel is as you would expect from a German manufacturer, high quality, a 5 year guarantee, TUV approved and looks great on any of the Audi ‘Q’ range.

But why should you do this and not just buy a set of winter tyres and have them fitted every year? Well that is an option. Winter tyres should last around 2 to 3 winters dependant on mileage. A set of wheels and winter tyres start around £700 for the 16″ package and from £1016 for the 17″ package.

To have the tyres swapped, balanced, and time to have the wheels refitted, this is usually around £120 per time, twice a year. Over the life of both sets of tyres, this could be a minimum of £700 plus the cost of tyres. With a car this good, we know you’re going to keep it for several years and this makes having the second set of wheels and tyres the perfect option.

Our partner, Tyremen, are able to offer a huge range of winter wheels and tyre packages or tyres only to have fitted to your current wheels.

We hope that you have found this blog informative for your Audi Q3 winter driving and it will enable you to make the right choice for you. If you require any further help or advice, then please feel free to contact the friendly team at Tyremen.

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