Audi Q5 Winter Wheels and Tyres

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Here at Winter Tyre Reviews we are going to explore the winter wheels and tyre options for the Audi Q5. We have previously covered the Q7 in the Audi ‘Q’ range with vehicle specific information.

The Q5 is the middle of the ‘Q’ range and is proving to be a very popular all purpose family vehicle and has a 5 star NCAP rating for safety, so why compromise this when it comes to winter tyres?

As you will be thinking, the Q5 is 4 wheel drive? Surely it’s designed to work in winter conditions? Well, yes it is, but like anything in life, sometimes a modification may be required and this is when winter tyres become a safety feature.

All Q5’s come with summer tyres as standard, these perform superbly in the warmer weather, giving amazing grip and handling for a car of this size. But in the colder weather, below 7 degrees, the rubber compound in summer tyres becomes less flexible and gives less grip and traction in snow, ice and slush.

There are of course reasons for this, and we have given a few answers below and why we feel you should opt for winter tyres;

  1. The Q5 is often fitted with wide wheels and tyres. These look great and makes the vehicle stand out, but these give a large tyre print on the road which does not work well in the winter, the best guidance is the narrower the better for the best grip.
  2.  The Q5 is a popular vehicle for that winter trip into Europe. Resorts in the Alps and other regions often have a requirement by law to have winter tyres fitted.
  3. The main use of your Q5 is for transporting your most precious cargo, your family. You want to be certain that when you go out on the school run, everyone is going to be as safe as they can be.

So lets look at the options and what is available for the Q5.

The Q5 comes in a range of wheel sizes from 17″ to 20″, so there is a great range available to you, however, not every wheel size has a variation in choice of tyres.

We recommend that for winter equipment, you put no larger than a 17″ wheel fitted with a Vredestein 235/55R17 even if you have 20″ wheels as standard. There are two different versions of the Vredestein in an ‘H’ rating and a ‘V’ rating.

There are two wheels that are supplied by our partner Tyremen, The first is the Grip, by German company Alutec. As you would expect, a German engineered wheel has exceptional quality, a 5 year guarantee and TUV approval. It is designed to compliment the look of the Q5.

The next wheel is the W10 by a Uniwheel who are the parent company of Alutec. Again, this is a fantastic wheel and was new to the market for the 2013/14 winter season. Feedback from customers has been positive for this wheel. It is an Audi specific wheel that is engineered to fit perfectly and take the original bolts, comes with a 5 year guarantee and has TUV approval. The perfect fit for your Q5 and with prices starting at a little over £1000, we feel that this is the perfect investment as we know this is a car that you are going to keep for a few years.

Now you’re asking why? Well, for the best traction, steering and handling in winter weather, as we said earlier in this post, the narrower the better is the rule to follow.

Our partner, Tyremen, are able to offer a huge range of winter wheels and tyre packages or tyres only to have fitted to your current wheels.

We hope that you have found this blog informative for your Q5 winter driving and it will enable you to make the right choice for you. If you require any further help or advice, then please feel free to contact the friendly guys at Tyremen.

Tel: 08456 807808

Thanks, The Winter Tyre Reviews Team


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