Bridgestone Blizzak LM25

Bridgestone Blizzak LM25Winter Tyre Reviews are going to  take a look at the Bridgestone Blizzak LM25 here are the basics

Sizes available:16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″

Speed ratings: H (136mph) & V (149mph)

Suitable for: high performance saloons, GT’s and coupés

We think that it’s fair to describe Bridgestone’s winter tyre strategy as ‘non-committal’. The Blizzak LM25 is in theory made in a vast array of sizes but there is very little information about this tyre being used or tested. The Bridgestone winter price list shows this tyre in so many sizes, yet only a handful are brought into the UK. In fact very little of their winter range is available in the UK across all of their patterns. Maybe they push the product more successfully in other parts of Europe, but we’re not convinced. This tyre has been available for a number of years yet there is no record of it being put forward for any winter tyre tests.

So what’s it like? Well we initially supplied this product as a 17″ winter runflat a few years back, when such products were scarcely produced. Customer feedback was positive, drivers praised it’s good snow traction and time has told that it also offers good longevity.

Bridgestone are a premium tyre manufacturer so when it comes to investing in winter safety you can be assured that they will have spent heavily in the development of this tyre. We’re sure the rubber compounds used will offer cold weather flexibility, the tread pattern is siped to ensure winter traction and the directional tread pattern will be effective at clearing snow, slush and rain. However we can’t honestly say how this compares to other premium offerings.

Personally we think that if you want a premium winter tyre then there are safer bets available. You could opt for something tried and tested in the premium segment which would probably work better. Other issues we have with the LM25 is that it’s right up there in terms of price, but also because Bridgestone are not committed to the UK market you could end up with availability issues. Even though you may be able to find a set now, if one gets punctured and needs to be replaced Bridgestone’s strategy may make this tricky.

Have you used the Blizzak LM25? If so I’d love to hear your comments.

The Bridgestone Blizzak LM25 is available from our partner, Tyremen, for shipping UK and Ireland wide or for fitting in Hull.

Thanks, the Winter Tyre Reviews Team

6 thoughts on “Bridgestone Blizzak LM25”

  1. We have the run flats on our all 4 countryman cooper s.
    Drove down to the alps or should I say up to… Very sure footed all the way, no chains needed when other Brits needed to stop and put them on on the last bit up to resort.
    Over here not as good in the sheet ice on our road but still a lot better than those on summer rubber.
    Cost is not to bad as we have to have rfs they aren’t much more than the normal ones.

  2. We live in the northern alps and have these on our 2010 Murano in 235/65/18. We had Dunlop Grandtrek on our previous (2006) older model Murano in 225/65/18 and the Dunlops were massively better in every regard. The Bridgestones give me very little confidence in winter conditions. I would not fit these to a car ever again.

  3. I have run on LM25s for the last 3 winters and have foun them to be a comfortable ride, very quite and have handled what snow and ice we have had here in the Peak District with no problems they were also cheaper than other top brands

  4. I put a set on after putting my XF in a ditch in icy weather. They gave me confidence to drive the car during the following winter without issue. Picked mine up from a business contact in Holland where they are well regarded. if you want to drive an XF in winter you need winter tyres.

  5. I’ve put blizzak lm 25 on series BMW one Hi line suv 2.0li petrol manual I live on Blackstone Edge remote hilly and severe weather tyres pon me all wheel xdrive first class on hills ice snow mud grass motorway ever changing services team lines food water stays straight solid.
    They started with 9mm I’ve done 38000miles and they still have 5.5mm left can’t complain excellent. Neville Herron Countryside Officer.

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