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Supplying genuine alloy wheels at giveaway prices

The guys at tyremen for a number of years now have been supplying genuine alloy wheels at giveaway prices, but how are they able to offer such a good deal on OE wheels, we ask them the questions we think need to be asked.

1.       Where do the wheels come from?

The wheels we offer, in the past have always come from Holland we have a great working relationship with one of Europe’s largest vehicle importers, although we still get the majority of our OE stock from Holland we have recently taken a large quantity of Nissan Juke and Qashqai alloy wheels from a main dealer here in Hull.

2.       But why are these wheels taken of brand new cars, are they damaged?

We are asked this question repeatedly. Say you have walked into an Audi showroom and fall in love with an Audi A5, but this car is fitted with standard 17” wheels you ask for bigger flasher wheels, the 17” wheels are removed and replaced. Because the wheel have had tyres fitted to them, they cannot be sold as brand new and this is where we come in. The wheels may carry some very minor cosmetic damage for example surface scratches/chips to the paint but no bends cracks or anything along them lines.

3.       What are your main manufacture you stock for?

We started with a very small amount of 16” BMW and Audi A4 wheels, then quickly realised that customers really did prefer to buy the OE option for  winter use.

We now we keep the following.


Octavia 16”

Superb 16”

Yeti 16”


1 Series 16”

 3 Series 16”

2 Series 16”


A3 2003-2012  16”

A3 2012>New 16″

A4 2001-2007

A4 All road 17”

A5 17”

A6  2008-2010 16”


Golf MK5 16”

Golf MK6 16”

Golf Mk7 16”

Golf MK5 15″

Golf MK6 15″

Golf Mk7 15”

Passat 16”

Polo 15”


Juke 17”

Silver or Polished

Qashqai 17”


New Mini 2014> 15”

4.       What is your most popular package you sell over winter?

Well this is a hard one to answer, there would be three top sellers Audi A3, Audi A5 and the BMW 3 Series 16” option.

5.       What is the average cost of just wheels and wheels and winter tyres?

Very cheap! The 16” option cost £350 for genuine alloy wheels. The 17” genuine alloy wheels cost £400. 17” wheels and winter tyres cost around £900 delivered, 16” wheels and winter tyres cost around £650 delivered.

6.       With the wheel been suitable for the newer vehicles, will these be suitable to take TPMS?

Yes, these wheels can be fitted with TPMS sensor valves. We can supply new preprogramed TPMS sensor valve for most new vehicles out there.

So there you are this how and what to expect when buying OE alloy wheels for

Thanks winter tyre reviews and Tyremen.


The BMW 2 Series, Coupe, Convertible and Active Tourer

BMW 2 Series


Since the post was written, the availability of wheels and tyres has come into the tyre world. Not a lot of difference between the the 1 and the 2 Series.

There is an OE (original equipment) BMW wheel in 16″ or for those who just must have something a bit bigger, the X10 from Uniwheel. A great looking, sporty wheel that’s easy to keep clean during wet winter months.

Coming with a recommendation of Continental or Hankook winter tyres, this will keep your 2 Series firmly on the road for winter, whatever the weather.

The BMW 2 Series, new for 2014 and comes in Coupe, Convertible and Touring versions.

So this is a new model for 2014 from BMW, but is it? Well, yes and no. It’s based on the 1 series and as BMW have been doing so lately, they have moved some of their models under a specific model number, hence this little beauty.

As it’s so new, this will be its first winter, so what about winter tyres? Well, that’s where the good news starts, as it’s based on the 1 series there are lots of options out there.

Usually based on the tyre size 205/55R16, this fits in perfectly with the 1 series winter tyre options. So your new BMW can perform safely this winter without the worry.

Our partner, Tyremen, haven’t got the details up on their website yet, it’s that new, but can advise you on the best packages for your car.

If you have a comment, leave it on the blog below and we’ll come back to you or alternatively, speak to the friendly team at Tyremen on 08456 807808


The Winter Tyre Review Team