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Uniroyal MS Plus 66

Uniroyal MS PLUS 6 & 66

Uniroyal ms plus 66

New to the UK market is the Uniroyal MS plus 6 & plus 66 tyres, what are they like? Lets take a look:

Sizes available: 13″, 14″, 15″, 16″, 17″ & 18″

Speed ratings: T (118mph), H (136mph), V (149mph)

Suitable for: a large range of vehicles, including small car, light van, executive saloons and some SUV.

So it’s not Uniroyal that is new to the UK, just their winter tyres! Many of you will be familiar with Uniroyal ‘the rain tyre’, they make the cracking Rainsport 2 which has been around years but is still one of the best wet weather tyres out there. But I digress, Uniroyal are a mid-range product that I’ve sold in 2012/13 to drivers that wanted a quality winter product but without having to spend premium money. What a lot of people don’t know is that Uniroyal are owned and produced by Continental.

It’s fair to say that Continental are making about the best winter tyres on the market at the moment in the TS850 & TS830 P. So with Uniroyal winter tyres you get a product that is coming out of the same factory as the Continental. The materials, technology and attention to detail is the same ilk as the premium product and makes for a really interesting concept.

We call this a 2nd line tyre, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, what was interesting with the Uniroyal winter was that in addition to the assurance of being part of the market leaders group their product was also being really well received in its own right. Just looking at tyre test reports when the Continental was coming out top the Uniroyal was getting 4th or 5th spot which is a great achievement.

So the tyre is made by the best, gets great test reports, so what about the price? Well the saving to be made in comparison to the Continental is quite dramatic, you should expect to pay about 25% less for the Uniroyal. On a common tyre size such as 205/55R16 this equates to about £100.

Since the tyre is new to the UK, feedback is still fairly limited, I can’t really comment on how long they will last but you can tell from the aggressive pattern that they will offer great snow performance. Road noise and rolling resistance might not be quite as low as some of it’s competitors, but I think it’s still a top tyre that I’d happily use during the winter months.

Looking to buy? Tyremen stock Uniroyal winter tyres at great prices, available for free delivery or nationwide fitting.

Over to you, have you driven on the MS Plus 6 or Plus 66? Leave your comments or a review below please.

Thanks for reading, the Winter Tyre Reviews team