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Vredestein Quatrac 3 All Season

Vredestein Quatrac 3

Vredestein Quatrac 3 All season tyreThe Vredestein Quatrac 3, if a certain beverage company made tyres, then this is probably the best all season tyre out there.

OK we know this is not a true winter tyre, however it deserves a page! The Quatrac 3 is an all-season tyre, it can be used year round and is also mountain/snowflake marked for those countries where winter tyres are mandatory. Quite simply they are a half way house between summer and winter, although they are probably closer to winter than summer. We are finding that interest in all-seasons is growing rapidly in the UK as motorists want winter safety, but without the effort and cost of changing tyres each season.

Here’s our thoughts and the basics with advice from our partner, Tyremen.

The Quatrac 3 is included on this site as quite often when the winter tyre tests come out they throw a couple of all-season tyres into the mix to see how they perform. If you did want to go all season then this would definitely be the product to go for. Vredestein are the best in the business in all-season, they have been at it the longest, have the best range and are consistently independently tested to be the best. Here is an example, in 2011 Auto Bild did a specific all-season tyre test which the Quatrac 3 topped and was described as ‘Multi talented and balanced in all areas. Precise steering and excellent handling characteristics on wet roads. High safety reserves in aquaplanining, short braking distances on snow’.

When these tyres are tested alongside full winter they perform very respectfully. In the 2011 Evo winter tyre test it placed 5th and was decribed as:
Dry – Most positive front end after the summer tyre. 2nd fastest dry lap time
Wet – A little tail happy but strong front end and lots of steering feel. 7th fastest wet lap
Snow – Surprisingly strong in the snow with the quickest lap time! 6th in the slalom
Quickest lap time in the snow and this is an all-season tyre! This tyre also placed better than the Dunlop WinterSport 4D.

Essentially the Quatrac 3 is a great all-round tyre and I believe is really suited to UK conditions. Certainly in East Yorkshire we get short summers, cold winters and lots of rain, the Vredestein will cope with all of this with ease. In Germany (where legal tyre use is the law) all-season tyres are out selling winter tyres at the moment. Our tyre market has been a few steps behind them for a while now, but I’m convinced that all-season use will continue to increase. In 2012 Vredestein added the Quatrac 3 SUV which has expanded the range even further and covers things like base models BMW X5’s & VW Tiguan.

Suitable for: small sized cars, saloons, executive, SUV & high performance sports

Sizes available: 13″  – 18″, click here for the full list

Speed ratings: T (118mph) H (136mph) V (149mph)

In a retail environment we have supplied the Quatrac 3 for a few years now and customer feedback is superb. Certainly we are getting plenty of repeat custom which shows more than anything that drivers are happy with them. We hear comments like, ‘fantastic grip in the snow’, ‘surprisingly quiet in the summer’ and ‘superb rain tyres’ all the time.

Don’t get me wrong they are probably not for everyone, if you live up in the Highlands and get vast quantities of snow then you would probably go full winter to give yourself the best chance of keeping moving during the winter. But as a true all rounder the Quatrac is well worth a try!

Looking to buy? Tyremen offer the best prices, large amounts of stock and free delivery or nationwide fitting on the Quatrac 3. You can talk to the team on 08456 807808

Our review comes from experience, test results and trade info, some of the best reviews come from you. Have you used the Quatrac 3? Please share your thoughts below.

Thanks, the Winter Tyre Reviews team