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Customer calls: Hello please can I have a price on four Pirelli run-flat winter tyres, size 275/40R20 front and 315/35R20 rear. (This is a classic BMW X5 and X6 combination)…

Many customers give us a call asking the above question; we are all about advice and love the one on one conversation with the customer, always offering the best package we believe to be suited to them. My first response to this question would be have you considered changing your wheels to a smaller size, to which the customer will respond I don’t really want to spend that much on wheels and tyres just for winter.

Therefore, through the process we go.

1st the price on the requested sizes,

275/40R20 PIRELLI SCORPION ICE & SNOW 106V XL R/F £317.00

315/35R20 PIRELLI SCORPION ICE & SNOW 110V XL R/F £373.00

Total price delivered £1380 or fitted at one of our fitting centres across the UK £1450


2nd the cheaper and more affective option.

Recommend dropping down to 19” wheels and tyres option and removing the run-flat tyres, sounds strange I understand however, this should become clearer in a line or two.

19” wheels specially designed for use on the BMW X5 & X6 why so special you ask, when you remove the 315/35R20 from the rear and were to fit a normal 19” or even a 20” it would look sunken under the large wheel arches this is due to the width of the wheel and the offset. What we use is a narrower option both wheels are 9” x 19” offset front ET48 & offset rear ET18. BMW would use this same fitment on the X6 models Xdrive 30d & Xdrive 35i with there 19” option and it looks great. The tyres size for the X6 & X5 would become 255/50R19 again same spec as BMW. This option is 100% better then the wider 315 tyre size for cutting through the snow and slush. The best part of this is the price.

4 X 19” Alloy wheels fitted with 255/50R19 Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme

1 x Continental Compressor kit (all in one compressor and repair kit)

Delivered to your door £1198

Fitted at one of our fitting centres across the UK £1238

Total saving £252 when you buy wheels and tyres over the expensive run-flats

The continental Kit is there so there is no need for run-flats this option many customers take.

Packages can be found here –  BMW X5 2013> & BMW X6

So there we have it fitting new wheels and tyres really can save you 100’s of pounds.

Any questions please contact us.

The Tyremen team.

Vredestein Wintrac 4 Xtreme

Vredestein Wintrac 4 Xtreme

Wintrac 4 XtremeThe Wintrac 4 Xtreme  is the next generation in the Wintrac Xtreme range, and is Vredestein’s high performance SUV/4×4 winter tyre – and it’s superb!

Its products like this that make this website worthwhile! I think it’s more than fair to say that the Wintrac 4 Xtreme is the best SUV/4×4 winter tyre on the market. However many people in the know are aware of this already, especially drivers on the Continent where Vredestein are one of the most respected winter tyre manufacturers.

Because of this, demand is always really high for these tyres. Vredestein are only a relatively small company based in Holland so whatever they make always sells out. So as a company they don’t tend to put these forward for testing or reviews because they really don’t need to promote them further – not a bad position to be in! Therefore you are not going to find a great deal of test data to look at to help you make your decision and we hope our site will give you all the info you need!

So you would expect that a 4×4 or 4 wheel drive SUV would be pretty good in the snow right? Well these modern vehicles are quite heavy and often fitted with wide tyres that simply slide about at the first sign of the white stuff. Therefore winter tyres make a huge different to these vehicles and the Wintrac 4 Xtreme should be seriously considered, here’s why:

Excellent all round winter performance – whether you are driving on dry, cold British motorways or twisty, snow covered roads in the Alps. Great traction in snow, slush and ice, with a fairly aggressive directional pattern which self clears really well.

Available from 16″ up to 20″ in diameter, click for the full size range.

Speed ratings: H (136 mph) & V (149 mph)

Suitable for: SUV’s of all sizes and 4×4’s

Great value – this premium winter tyre also happens to be one of the cheapest tyres on the market, when compared to products like the Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow or Continental 4×4 winter contact the Vredestein are a fraction of the cost. Trust me spending more on the well known branded tyre does not get you a better tyre!

Incredible longevity – many people expect winter tyres to wear out quickly, this is certainly NOT the case with the wintrac 4. We have a local customer that has used these for many years on a VW Touareg and he gets around 40,000 miles out of a set. This type of mileage is absolutely typical for many of the customers that we speak to. Once they have fitted these to their vehicles, it is very rare they go back to another brand.

Vredestin Wintrac 4Xtreme

Year round use suitability – many, many of our customers fit these in the winter months and never take them off, unless they have dropped to a smaller wheel for winter. This product works great for UK year round use, all the negative aspects that you would expect are simply not the case with this tyre. The wintrac 4 xtreme offers very little road noise and has low rolling resistance so is good on fuel. In the summer months this is still the case so long motorway drives can be done in comfort. The big boss man at our retail site switched from Bridgestone summer to this tyre and found them to be quieter, again they lasted great too.

Light 4×4 use – because they have the semi-aggressive directional pattern this tyre also has light off road uses. It’s not going to offer all out all terrain traction for deep mud but is totally suited for country tracks and fields.

Any downside? We have sold lots of these and feedback is nearly always incredibly positive. I have heard once or twice that users haven’t been overly impressed with wet braking performance, but such comments are rare. All in all this is a great winter tyre, offers incredible snow traction, is great value and lasts a long, long time – happy days!

Looking to buy? Tyremen offer the UK’s cheapest prices, great stock levels and free delivery or nationwide fitting on the Wintrac 4 Xtreme.

Give the team a call on 08456 807808 if you would like any more information.

Over to you, what are your thoughts of this tyre?