Vredestein Comtrac Winter

vredestein comtrac winterWinter tyre reviews, and our partner Tyremen, take a look at the Vredestein Comtrac winter van tyre here are the basics

Sizes available: 15″, 16″ & 17″

Speed ratings: R (106mph) T (118mph)

Suitable for: most commercial rated vans

Considering winter tyres for your van? Well finding out about which product to go far can be challenging. My site here promises to give a mix of personal opinion, customer feedback and tyre test reports, but unfortunately the latter wont be possible here. That is simply because the motoring magazines don’t bother with the commercial market, we need one of the commercial vehicle magazines to jump on this. However in the mean time lets concentrate on customer feedback and my experience with the product.

So who buys winter van tyres? Quite simply, lots & lots of people; van drivers that need to deliver year round to rural areas, self employed traders that can’t afford to not get to a job right through to the emergency services. In addition to drivers needing winter traction we also have supplied these to people that use their vans in semi off-road conditions. The directional tread pattern works great at clearing snow and slush, but the same principle allows the tyre to dig into mud, its particularly popular with camper van owners!

We get fantastic feedback from customers that have used the Comtrac Winter in all of the above conditions. A large percentage of users keep these tyres on year round. The Comtrac winter has a rubber compound that stays soft when the temperature drops, but this doesn’t means that it’s soft and will wear out quickly when used in the summer. Drivers get excellent longevity from the Comtrac Winter. More recently Vredestein have also launched the Comtrac All-Season which is a true all-season tyre and would offer similar performance to this tyre, although they are a bit expensive.

Our drivers have reported back and praised the winter performance they have had from these tyres. They really can make the difference between getting the van out of the drive or not.

Other winter van options? Further in-depth reviews to follow however:
Michelin Agilis Alpin – newest winter van on the market, great winter credentials, good longevity, but expensive
Continental Vanco Winter 2 – good product, not as hard wearing as the Vredestein
Hankook RW06 – mid-range in price, reasonable winter traction

Looking to buy? Tyremen are major stockists of the Comtrac Winter, cheap prices, good stocks and free delivery.

Have you used the Comtrac Winter? If so I’d love to hear your comments.

The Winter Tyres Review team

One thought on “Vredestein Comtrac Winter”

  1. Hi have used 4x Comtrac winter on our 4 tonne motorhome for several years now. Superb on wet grass, snow and to some extent ice. Wet weather braking is exceptional and the ride is notably quieter and smoother – no doubt due to the lower running pressures than our previous tyres. we live in a ski area and travel to the mountains in winter – these tyres have never let us down unlike others we have seen.


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