Continental TS810

Continental TS810

This review is for the TS810 and should not be confused with the TS810 S (Sport), These are two very different products – Here are the basics

Sizes available: 15″, 16″ and 20″

Speed ratings: T (118mph), H (136mph) & V (149mph)

Suitable for: medium sized cars, saloons, executive & SUV

The TS810 was released in 2008 and was aimed at medium sizes vehicles and executive cars. The tyre was designed to offer excellent handling in winter conditions, long life and short braking distances. Upon launch the tyre was highly recommended in an independent tyre test and was praised in other tests as being a very balanced tyre, with stable handling in the snow.

I don’t have much feedback to share on this tyre as although it is still produced it is only made in a handful of sizes. Actually the sizes produced are also rather weird and wonderful ones. There is a mercedes specific application for very old C-Class and some obscure 20″ SUV sizes. When the tyre manufacturers move onto a new pattern then they have to make all the individual molds for all the different sizes that they want to offer. My guess is that demand for the sizes that the TS810 is still made is so little that it isn’t worth the investment in the new mould hence still making the older pattern. I suppose it’s either do this or drop it all together.

So if you have been using the TS810 since back in 2008 then we would love to hear from you on how they perform – please leave your thoughts below.

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