Goodyear Ultra Grip 8

Goodyear Ultra Grip 8Here at Winter Tyre Reviews we take a look at the very popular Goodyear Ultra Grip 8, lets start with the basics.

Sizes available: 13″, 14″, 15″ & 16″

Speed ratings: T (118mph) & H (136mph)

Suitable for – small to medium sized cars, smaller saloons & hot hatches

The Ultragrip 8 was launched in 2011 and replaced the successful Ultragrip 7, which was a test winning tyre in its own right. Upon release this tyre caused quite a stir.

Three new tyres were released this year from the premium manufacturers and they were all fighting for top spots in the winter tyre tests. There was the Ultragrip 8, the Continental TS830 & the Michelin Alpin A4, all were clearly great products and each achieved it’s fair share of accolades.

In one tyre test they would have the Goodyear in 1st, followed by the Conti & the Mich in 3rd, the next test would have the same 3 tyres in the top 3 places but with reverse positioning. So there was a bit of debate over which was best, but it’s fair to say that the Ultragrip was (and probably still is) one of the best winter tyres on the market.

The Ultragrip 8 has continued to achieve great results in the tyre tests including:
1st – 2011 Auto Zeitung Winter Tyre Test
1st – 2011 ACE Winter Tyre Test
1st – 2011 AMS Winter Tyre Test

A rather impressive string of results, the tyre is praised for being great in the snow, wet and dry conditions and being very balanced.

I haven’t used these myself but customer feedback has been very positive when used in a wide range of conditions. With the tyre being still fairy new we haven’t seen as yet how long they last, but Goodyear products as a whole offer good longevity and I’m sure this tyre will be the same.

So we think it’s a great tyre, hard wearing, offering good fuel ratings and a fairly respectable 67 to 70 db noise score, and probably a few more years of production.

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