2 thoughts on “Nokian WR A3 winter tyre”

  1. I have used these tyres in 255/55/17 form on my CL500 for the past two winters now.

    I tend to run them from the end of October until around the end of April.

    They transform my car in snow from a quivering wreck to one that can drive in an assured manner. I have driven past many a 4×4 that has become stuck and that’s saying something in a big engine, rear wheel drive car.

    After around 15,000 miles their wear markers still show that they have around 5mm of tread left and that includes the rears. Much of that mileage (around 95%) has been on clear tarmac.

    Only negative point is that they can feel slightly unsure of themselves in a straight line once temperatures creep above 15 Centigrade, but they’ve never disappointed in the corners.

    They also have handy a handy car diagram embossed in the sidewall, which you can mark to show which corner of the car the tyre was fitted on previously.

    I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

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