Pirelli-logoPirelli make a totally decent cold weather tyre, but my word they are confusing! They have over 350 different sizes in their range and includes products with catchy names such as the; 275/35R19 100W Pirelli W270 Sottozero serie 2 XL AM9!!! Also they don’t tend to be that focused on the UK market, availability is generally pretty poor, even though quite a lot of the product is actually made in the UK. However some motorists still seek out Pirelli winter tyres due the range of extensive applications that they offer, the make some huge 19″ & 20″ tyres for vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes & Jaguar. Also in Europe where winter tyres are mandatory they have gone after a lot of original equipment approval so they will often be listed in the vehicle handbooks of the vehicles above as suitable cold weather tyres.

But what are their tyres like? See our reviews for further info and please leave a review if you have experience with that particular tyre:

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