Uniroyal LogoUniroyal – the rain tyre! Well with the introduction of the MS Plus 6 & MS Plus 66 Uniroyal are also trying to be – the snow tyre! Uniroyal introduced their winter tyre offerings in 2010, but only really launched in the UK in 2012. For those not familiar with the Uniroyal brand here is a little background info.

Uniroyal is a mid-range brand, owned & produced by Continental! Continental make about the best winter tyres at the moment, but they are also some of the most expensive. Uniroyal offer a cost effective alternative for drivers that want a quality, safe winter tyre without spending a fortune. These tyres come out of the same factories as Continental and a lot of the same technology and raw materials will be used to ensure that their mid-range tyre is also a solid performer.

But how do these tyres perform? Check out the product pages below for a detailed tyre review. Please leave your comments there too if you have driven on Uniroyal winter tyres.

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