Vredestein logoA small Dutch company that has their heritage deeply rooted in winter tyre production. In mainland Europe many drivers believe that they are about the best in the business when it comes to winter tyre production and I wouldn’t argue with them! Their winter tyre range has won many accolades over the years and includes car, van, SUV/4×4 in addition to a cracking all season tyre.

Many UK drivers are now familiar with Vredestein winter tyres, although they can be a bit tricky to find as they only have a relatively small dealer network. In my retail environment Vredestein first got me interested in winter tyres and they still make up a large percentage of our portfolio. Many drivers come onto us especially for these tyres and others that have tried them once tend to come back for more time and time again.

But what are each of their winter tyres like? Well see the links below for the detailed  tyre review and please leave your thoughts if you have driven on Vredestein winter tyres.

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3 thoughts on “Vredestein”

  1. Purchased Vredestein wintrac xtreme for Mercedes E280 cdi back in October 2012. Weather was quite mild in October, but tyres still felt responsive. When the cold mornings started to arrive the tyres came into their element, superb handling in the wet weather and excellent grip on the b roads where the gritters don’t go.
    Snowed heavily in January and the car climbed the steep hill on our road without effort, braking was easy and no skidding!
    Travelled to Austria in March/April and got out of the iced covered car park with ease.
    Put the summer tyres back on in April and I guess I’ve got another 2 seasons out of these, even the rears haven’t worn that much.
    Very good tyres and a happy customer!

  2. Wintrac 4 Extreme on a V8 Diesel Range Rover, awesome combination! We parked outside in a French Ski resort for a week, snow 400mm deep, cleared the screen, pressed some buttons, drove out! Amazing grip and clever traction control, great combination. Rob

  3. I have had Wintrac 4Xtreme for two rough winters in Quebec on my MB GL 2015. They are by far the best winter tyres I have ever used. IN -25C temperatures, ice, snow, slush, no problem even for my heavy vehicle. Will buy again for usre.

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