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You may have noticed from our bio that in addition to being the author’s of wintertyrereviews and whichtyres we also work for Tyremen in Hull, Yorkshire. Tyremen are winter tyre specialists, hence setting up this blog and through our website we do of course sell nationally. However if you happen to be based in Hull and surrounding areas then I’m going to take this opportunity to talk a little about why you should consider for us for your next tyre purchase.

We appreciate that in Hull (as with most cities) there is a great deal of choice when it comes to shopping for tyres. What is probably a bit different in Hull to many other parts of the country is that the independent tyre garages dominate over the major Nationals, thanks to our friendly, shop local population. Out of the prominent independent tyre fitters you will not be surprised to hear that we recommend trying Tyremen, based on Witty Street, but with good reason.

Tyremen is a family based company that has been established for in excess of 40 years, we have a team of friendly staff that have mainly be with us for many, many years and are incredibly experienced in all tyre related matters. Because we sell all over the UK we are big enough to demand cheap prices from the tyre manufacturers which means you can always expect great value and competitive prices on a range of premium, mid-range and economy brands.

If you need winter tyres then as you would expect we know a thing or two about them! We stock thousands of winter tyres for most vehicles, there is no doubt that there we are unique in our expertise and commitment to these safety critical products. Tyremen import steel and alloy wheels from Germany in order to be able to offer winter wheel & tyre packages. We are the UK’s largest supplier of such products and if you are lucky enough to live in Hull then you have the bonus of such a supplier being on your doorstep.

What else do you need to know? Well we are an agent for Vredestein who make a cracking winter tyre, particularly their amazing Wintrac 4 Xtreme, SUV winter tyre. We also are a Hankook Masters dealer and we stock their winter and all-season range. We deal direct with all the main tyre manufacturers and ensure that we keep plenty of the test winning winter tyres, which has been Continental for the last couple of years.

And finally – Tyremen’s site on Witty Street in Hull is huge at over 25,000 sq ft, it’s incredibly clean, we have a very large and comfortable waiting room with free coffee and complimentary wifi. So really if you need tyres in Hull, you really need to give us a try.

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Chris and Jason & the team at Tyremen

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e mail: info@tyremen.co.uk

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