Vredestein Snowtrac 3

vredestein-snowtrac-3Vredestein were one of the first tyre manufacturers to start producing winter tyres, they are well known in the rest of Europe and for those in the know here are regarded as a well respected manufacturer.

With our partner, Tyremen, we are going to look at this product

This Snowtrac 3 was launched in 2008 and has remain unchanged ever since. Upon release this tyre received a great deal of praise from the tyre press, motoring magazines and independent tyre tests. At this time it was leaps and bounds ahead of the competition and claimed a string of tyre test winning performances over a 3 year reign at the top. These test winning performances were over a range of sizes but for some reason has consistently rated especially well in smaller sizes such as 185/60R14. Even as recent as 2012 this tyre received a which best buy in this size and must be seriously considered if you need a small winter tyre.

Sizes available – 13″ – 16″, call for more information 08456 807808

Speed ratings – T (118 mph), H (136 mph) & V (149 mph)

Suitable for – small & medium sized cars

The Snowtrac 3 has a directional pattern with good spacing between the tread blocks for fantastic snow clearing properties and this tyre is often praised for its pure snow performance. This pattern does tend to increase the rolling resistance so the Snowtrac 3 doesn’t tend to offer the best fuel efficiency.

It’s also praised for excellent dry performance, although more recently released tyres tend to offer better wet grip. There is no doubting that the Snowtrac 3 is a great winter tyre, upon it’s release it was the best, these days it’s more truthfully a mid table performer but it’s safe, great in the snow and excellent value.

Customer feedback is consistently good for this tyre, it’s very popular in the Scottish Highlands and with those driving to the Alps. The only real negative that I’ve heard is that they can wear quite quickly when used in the summer months.

Vredestein do make fantastic winter tyres that you can leave on the vehicle all year, however, as this is one of the first, this isn’t one of them. This is purely a winter tyre, have them fitted with another set of wheels, alloys keep the look of your car, but steels are an option in smaller sizes.

We still love this tyre, it’s one that we first took notice of and you can kit your car out, with just the tyres, from as little as £200 plus fitting, we think is great value for a great tyre and keeps you safe and on budget!

Looking to buy or need any more help or advice? Tyremen offer great prices on the Snowtrac 3. Or call the team on 08456 807808

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8 thoughts on “Vredestein Snowtrac 3”

  1. Bought 4 Snowtrac 3s with Anzio Wave alloys last winter from Tyremen and it turned my Audi A6 Auto from being totally undrivable in snow/ice into our go-to car in bad weather. Managed a 15 mile trip in 4 inches of snow to rescue my children from school with ease when the only other cars moving were 4x4s. The hill we live on was easily negotiated every day even when the snow turned to packed ice, nearly crashed my wife’s summer shod Golf when I tried to take it down the hill, the difference in grip was unbelievable even on ice.Buying her a a set of winters this year for sure, the Snowtracs are awesome and way cheaper than buying a 4×4¡

  2. I bought these from Tyremen for my Audi A3 Quattro (following their advice). I overwinter in the Alps and therefore they get a true test. They never let me down – even on hard packed slick snow on an uphill gradient (yes I had to stop for some clowns on summer tyres). Regarding fuel consumption I have to say I have not noticed much difference at all. I did the same 1000km journey on my summer tyres 2 months prior and the mpg difference was less that 1 mpg – OK its not scientific but much better than reviews in Autocar might suggest. The noise increase was mostly imperceptible with the exception of a concrete motorway (that used to be popular in Germany) which did seem to increase the whine.
    Highly recommended

    1. I had these on the car until last winter but as stated they wear fairly briskly if you keep them on for the summer. Utterly superb in the sort of standing water that would have a normal summer tyred car becoming part of the geography, particularly when near new. Struggled with the ramp alongside my alpine apartment block but so have all the others. I had to dig the compacted ice off the road with a kango last winter! My neighbours just give up using the parking and garages round the back in winter.

  3. Further to the last. The most fun I had with these was gliding up a steep hill during the big cold snap a few years back while waving to the disco 3 wif its urban bling wheel and tyre combo spinning like a Santa Pod burnout. My car was a 2 wheel drive Octavia on 195 65 15s.

  4. Have these on my wife’s Audi A3 during winter 2012/2013, it totally transforms the handling of the car. My wife had totally lost confidence driving in Snow with the A3 when I had to rescue her when a we had 12″ of snow come down, A few weeks later she went out in even worse conditions with many cars abandoned stuck under 6ft of snow in some places but with these tyres we made the trip safe and well and got her confidence back.

  5. These are really good winter tyres. Had them on a Focus estate for 3 years now in everything from a mild, wet and windy winter (this year) to sheet ice and 4 inches of snow. They always performed well. We never noticed any real difference in mpg using them.

  6. Disco 3 owner, had a set for the last few years, left it a bit late to take them off ( May 2014) great tyres, better than my Perrelli zero’s in the wet, and they
    Wear slower in my opinion, two mild winters have not given me the chance to see how good they are in the snow, but mark my words, I hit ice last year and no tyre stops you sliding, so take care, your not indestructible in a 4 x 4, drive based on the conditions, and you get there, think your clever, to fast, bang, and hold up everyone else.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Andy, and you’re right, a heavy Disco still will take some stopping. Winter tyres are not a ‘get out of jail card’ in the winter, they will just help make normal driving a whole lot better!

      We have been told by other users of the Snowtrac 3 that wear is very good.



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