Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme

vredestein-wintrac-xtremeVredestein Wintrac Xtreme, I love these tyres, but I’ll get to that in a moment let’s start with the basics.

Sizes available: 16″ – 20″ diameter

Speed ratings: H (136 mph) all the way up to W (168 mph)

Suitable for: medium sized cars, saloons, executive, SUV & high performance sports

When I first got involved with selling winter tyres Vredestein was the first company that we dealt with. Based in Holland they are one of the original winter tyre manufacturers and considered by many to be one of the best in the business. I’ve sold this product for a number of years and the customer feedback is outstanding, We’ve fitted them to a wide range of vehicles from Golf’s to Aston Martin and everything in between. In terms of test data there is very little out there as Vredestein don’t tend to put this tyre forward for testing so we have had to convince customers that it’s a great product. All I can say is that people come back for them again and again and I’ve heard many stories about them being used in a range of conditions and they always perform outstandingly.

In addition to great all round winter performance the Wintrac Xtreme has the added benefit of offering great longevity, they offer fantastic mileage. I remember our Vredestein rep using them over 2 years and got close to 40.000 miles out of them! Many people think that winter tyres wear out quickly and that is rarely the case, especially with these. Even when used out of season they work and last well, I personally ran them year round on a 1 series and loved them. Fuel efficiency was still really good, there was no increased noise and after removing them at around 20,000 miles they were hardly touched in terms of tread wear.

Finally a bit more on my personal experience; I was really happy with them on my BMW 1 series a few years back. This year I used the 17″ runflat version on a 3 series and they have really performed. We had a reasonable amount of snow and ice over the 2012/13 winter up in Yorkshire and this tyre allowed me to keep mobile, safe and confident out on the roads – a top tyre!

Looking to buy? Tyremen are major stockists of the Wintrac Xtreme and offer great prices.

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  1. I bought a set of the Wintrac Extreme tyres for my Audi A5 last winter, the tyres performed above expectation in the snow and allowed me to drive when other vehicles were finding it difficult to maintain traction, I live on a small but steep hill and need to cross the carriageway to turn into my drive, on approaching this for he first time in snow I was unsure if I would be able to make the turn however I need not have worried as I turned in without spinning a wheel. In wet or dry conditions the tyres always provided a sure footed feel, road noise was also not a problem. These tyres were not our first experience of winter tyres as we now have them on all 3 of our family cars, until you try them for yourself you will not believe the benefit and improvement tyres can make to driving particularly in snow Peter

  2. Have used them for one Winter on my Skoda Octavia VRS (225/40/16? – can’t remember at the moment). They do wear quickly – one Winter of light use (<2,000 miles) lost probably 2mm tread (I'm not sure) compared to Hankook W310s (see separate review).

    But they can do things I thought would be impossible. Climbing steep hills covered in edge to edge hard packed snow several days old, and stopping on the same downhill with no drama. This is in the UK – I've not driven with them anywhere else.

    Apart from the wear rate, I cannot fault them. I don't know if I'd try something different the next time – the wear rate may be a function of the soft compound.

  3. Fitted a set to my Scirocco R last winter. No problems at all. Makes sense to order with a new set of wheels, so all I have to do is put them back on when the temperature drops.

  4. Well reading all the advice on here and the tyre review website, I have taken the plunge with my front wheel drive Alf MiTo as I got hacked off last year in the rain and snow with my sporty summer tyres.
    Not the cheapest tyres on the planet but I’m expecting great things now.
    Just feeling confident in the cold would be nice instead of tippy toeing around.
    I’m a bit early I know but the old Dunlops MAX TT’s had it after 18K miles and I didnt feel safe holding out any longer.

    I’m sure come January I’ll have a few stories to tell.

    1. Well January came and went and no Snow Stories. Great in the wet though.
      i do fee la bit robbbed of an exeprience though LOL.
      The most amazing thing I noticed is when its over 7 degress and wet and under & degrees, you can really feel the difference in corners and pulling away from junctions.
      The way this weather is going I will be changing back to Summer come the end of March and can see whatt wear has been like in this warm weather, It cant have doenthe tyres much good.
      Has anyone changed back to Summer tyres allready?

      1. I forgot to say Phil,waht would you recomend for the Summer? I mainly do motorway driving. Hard wearing would be great, was thinkling of Vredestein. Any pointers wold be great.


          1. Hi Phil, I’m running 215/45/17’s had Dunlop Maxx TT’s on when I bought the car but the front set struggled to complete my first 18k miles.
            looking at the tyre review website, the Pilot Super sport and the F1 Assymetrics great rave reviews.
            Like I said I’m not going to be throwing the car around a lot, just the commute to work. I’d like to do another 5 to 10k miles on what the Dunlop’s did i possible.

      2. Hi Paul – yes it’s been a strange year, very mild. I’ve been tempted to switch back to my summers but as things still seem to be unpredictable I’m going to hang fire a bit. This product still offers great longevity even in warmer conditions so no issues with doing this.

      3. Had the Winter taken off to day and they had loafds of tread on them still, the gut in the garage said they looked like new still. He said from his expereicne the Wintracs are good for 3 to 5 sesons depending on driving style.
        Phill to our previous chat on new summer tyres, I went for the Ultrac Cento in the end.
        Great looking tyre and I’m hoping for great wear like the Wintrac’s.

          1. N oworries Phil, hopefully next winter they might get some snow to play in :).
            Alos Icant belwieve how quiet the new tyres are even on 17 inch rims.

  5. Thank you so much for this, Phill! As I’m now agonising over which winter tyres to get for my 2006 bmw 1 series 116 m sport, I was wondering if you thought it was bonkers to put these tyres on 16″ wheels. I appreciate I am not driving an SUV but was wondering whether it would be just a bit weird rather than a totally terrible idea. .. Thank you in advance 1

    1. Hi there, in theory this product would be fine for a 1 series – I used to use 18″ Wintrac Xtreme on my 1 series. However in 16″ Vredestein do not make the size you need. Really you are best using a 195/55R16 and in this size Vredestein make the Snowtrac 3 which is s great product and well worth considering.

      1. Many thanks for the super speedy reply, Phill. Last night I stumbled upon some “Vredestein Wintrac xtreme VRFC 205/55 R16 91H with rim protection ridge (FSL), runflat” from mytyres.co.uk which look to dot he job I’m after.

        The only strange thing is that mytyres will not fit them to the steel rims I was also planning on buying from them, and they won’t tell me why, either… Would you take this as a bit fishy or would you just find a good local tyre shop to fit them?

        Many thanks again,
        Dragos :)

        1. Also forgot to mention that Tyre Leader has the Wintrac 4 Xtreme showing up as Run-Flat, although nobody else does… unless I have missed something…

          1. I see, that would work! I can offer the set up you require for £719.60 if that’s of interest? That would be a set of four steel wheels fitted with the Wintrac Xtreme runflat (205/55R16).

          2. This is really kind and thank you indeed, Phill. The price is definitely better than my hometown dealership (and, btw, they are really nice folks, too), but at the moment, if all the info on the websites I’m looking at is right, I may be able to get the whole job done for about £620… well, fingers crossed… Thank you so much again, though – I appreciate the thought.

  6. Have these already on another one of our cars and I’ve just ordered a set of on 16″ VW OEM alloys from Tyremen for our new Tiguan. The cost of the wheels and tyres is £100 more than 17″ Wintracs (no wheels) delivered from the big name internet seller and then I’d have to pay £50 to get them fitted and balanced, twice a year. I can now swap the wheels over myself at no cost and I get the better winter performance that a taller, narrower tyre gives especially in the snow.

  7. I bought a set a vredestein wintrac in August 2013 for my BMW X5 after having several sets of Michelin and Pirelli . They were recommended by my local tyre fitter. I have now done just shy of 30k miles . Just going to buy a new set for the winter but keep the current ones for summer . Although a winter tyre I have found them a great all round performer both quiet and confident in both wet and dry conditions and have left them on all year round.

  8. Hi Phillip and all,

    Some fantastic information on here about this tire, thank you.

    I know nothing about winter tires, so your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    I’m about to purchase my first 4×4 Volvo XC60. It comes with 20″ rims (summer tires) and need to purchase some winter tires (possible with alloys). I would also like to keep the rims to 20″, if possible. The tire size on the Volvo currently is: 255/45/R20. From your experience, what would you recommend?

    Also, Volvo told me that switching between summer/winter tires on the same rims, would damage the tires, is this correct?

    Finally, what sort of offers do you have with 20″ rims and winter tires, and do you ship into mainland Europe (Switzerland)?

    Where I live, it can get as low as -5c, with occasional snow & ice.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Ant,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we’re glad you like our page.

      Great car and you have two options. You can change the summer tyres for winter tyres and a set will cost you around £950 and shipping, straight forward enough. In terms of changing the tyres and damage, this should not be the case. Any reputable tyre fitter can change them without damage, that’s how we repair punctures.

      If you are going to consider wheels and tyres, then this is a better option if you drop down to 18″ wheels, a package will cost a shade under £1000. Please read this blog for the X5 as to why it’s best to drop down in size http://wintertyrereviews.co.uk/category/bmw-x5/

      Going forward, smaller tyres on the wheels will be cheaper to replace in the long run, here’s what’s available http://www.tyremen.co.uk/winter-wheels/volvo/xc60?page=1 and we can deliver to Switzerland and that would be around £150 on top of the wheels and tyres.

      If you need anymore help or information, so long as it is a reasonable call cost, speak to Chris on (UK) 08456807808 or email info@tyremen.co.uk

      Hope this has helped


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